A Survivor's Story

We partnered with Facebook Business and Love Your Melon to tell this inspiring story about a young survivor who is helping other kids battling cancer. 2.6 million views and counting!

When Stories Effect Change

Breakthrough believes in the power of storytelling to create change. We worked with them to capture the journey of Rex, an all-star college athlete who overcame the pressure to adhere to traditional gender norms in order to fully accept his identity.

Through storytelling as advocacy, Breakthrough envisions that we can create a world where everyone is able to enjoy their human rights, regardless of gender or sexual preference.

Changing the Conversation Around Sexual Assault

Another project from our work with Breakthrough, we worked with our partners at Breakthrough to tell the story of Will & Bill, two Indiana University fraternity members who, armed with some bedsheets and a couple cans of paint, worked to change the conversation around sexual assault on their campus.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Citizen Schools are closing the opportunity gap. Hear their impact on Diamond who, once perpetually in trouble at school, is now enthusiastic about exploring her interests--from law to entrepreneurship.

Dropbox: Brandt

Our latest business partnership story showcases how Brandt Companies, the largest mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractor in Texas, uses Dropbox to streamline their time-consuming paperwork processes.

Facebook: Grow Anywhere | Michel et Augustin

In partnership with Facebook, we told the story of Michel and Augustin, two childhood friends who couldn’t be more different. Tired of their nine-to-fives, they embarked on a new journey together: starting an artisanal cookie business. Watch to see how Facebook helped them go from a mom and pop to a bonafide fine food giant.

Facebook: Grow Anywhere | Ateliê de Arte by Zeuda Rebouças

Sabrina always knew her mother had talent. However, it wasn’t until her father lost his job that she had the idea to start selling her mother’s baby clothing designs online. Using Facebook, she grew the business to unimaginable success. Hear the rest of her family’s story in our latest collaboration with Facebook.

Facebook: Grow Anywhere | Top Florist

At just nineteen, Sebastián itched to start his own floral business. In Colombia, the largest exporter of flowers in the world, he knew he had to bring something new to the table to compete. With just a great idea and Facebook, he was able to go from a one-man show to employing ten people across two cities. Watch our latest collaboration with Facebook to hear more about Sebastián’s success story.

Fierce Loyalty.

We're thrilled to finally share the PSA we created for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to help spread awareness of PTSD and veteran suicide prevention. Really proud of this one -- let us know what you think!

Dear Budding Journalist....

Check out this tongue-in-cheek piece we created with journalist Felix Salmon in our SoHo office for the Al Jazeera English media show, "The Listening Post." Let us know what you think! 

ReThink Zero!

We are really proud of our latest collaboration with the United Nations. We created this animation in support of the United Nations Zero Hunger Challenge. A vision for a world free from hunger and malnutrition #rethinkzero.